BiaSHEara: Begin to Heal Event - Tea At The Fairmont Royal York

Hello Hello! Welcome to another Instalment on my blog. This post is of a special outing that was organized by Hoda Samater of Begin to Heal Counselling Services. Hoda arranged for a meet-up between three entrepreneurs in the G.T.A (well four if you include myself) at the fabulous Fairmont Royal Hotel where we were treated to their famous High Tea!  The purpose of the meet-up was to promote an upcoming event titled "Healing Through Colour" that Begin To Heal Counselling Services will be hosting on February 12th. Yours truly will be one of the speakers at the event InshAllah (God willing) where I will be discussing capturing colour through photography.

I asked Hoda why she thought it was important to have an event like "Healing through Colour". Hoda responded by explaining that a lot of the times racialized communities in Toronto are often neglected when it comes to mental health and when we are recognized our particular needs are not. With her practice Hoda is seeking alternative ways to healing as inspired by indigenous communities from around the world. These methods she says have been the cornerstone to building and creating healthy communities and it is through these methods that she hopes to create a series of events that will promote mental health in racialized communities. I personally think what Hoda is doing is very commendable and let me tell you this is a woman who is incredibly passionate about what she is doing. Her infectious personality and passion for what she does is something that one can't help but be inspired by! I can't wait to see what the year brings for Hoda and for Begin to Heal Counselling Services!

 I should mention that the wonderful make-up the ladies were sporting during this photoshoot was skillfully done by Zeinab of Faces by Zeinab (check her out on instagram!) who was one of the entrepreneurs at the event. Ladies if you need make-up done for your events get in touch with Zeinab! 

Idil of Idil's world who is a food blogger (and a past client of mine :P) was the other entrepreneur present at the event. It is always such a pleasure to capture Idil as she always brings her fun personality and makes the photo sessions seem that much more fun. Please find Idil's World on instagram and watch out for her website which will be launching soon.

Photography wise it was really dark in the tearoom so had to crank up that ISO rather than use flash so as not to bother other guests who were enjoying their tea but am still happy with the way the images turned out! We also got a tour of the hotel after the tea where we were able to find some well lit areas allowing for stunning shots of the ladies.

Okay, well I hope you will join us for this wonderful event that will be taking place on Saturday the February 12th (more info can be found on the facebook page of Begin to Heal Counselling Services so please do follow them if you are interested in attending!


Hoda of Begin to Heal Counselling Services

Idil of Idil's World

Zeinab of Faces By Zeinab

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Below are images that highlight the beautiful make-up Zeinab did on the ladies (including herself and her beautiful daughter who was only  present at the beginning of the meet-up). 

Oh and there I am! HI!!!!!

BiaSHEara is a group founded by Christina Muia and Karimah Gheddai that works on promoting women in Business.