Keepsake Albums

You spent all those weeks (if not years) planning for your special day and now the day has come and gone. What you will have left are the memories and photos of your special day. In today's world it's quite tempting to just want to have your photos stored in a digital medium, but I cannot say enough of how important it is to have your photos printed whether it is just simple individual prints or compiled into a keepsake album. Did you know that most flash drives will probably fail after 10 years? and not too long ago Google's Vice-president Vint Cerf proclaimed that "Digital material including key historical documents could be lost forever because programs to view them will become defunct" (Source: The Guardian). I hate to burst your instagram and facebook bubbles but this is where prints and albums become quite important! They are essential to remembering YOUR story? There is nothing quite like going through an album and slowly turning the pages with your fingers savouring the memories each photo brings back, or holding up a print in your hands bringing it closer to your face to really inspect all the details as you look back on that special day. A photo displayed on a mobile device will certainly not offer you that feeling.

Are you interested in ordering an album or coffee table book for your wedding, engagement or portrait session? Then please do get in touch with me for more information. I offer customized album designing services and would love to help you make your memories stand out.

Karimah Gheddai Photography Album Design