Details from S + K's Wedding

Hi Hi Hi! Welcome to another blog entry! Today's post features details from a beautiful Somali wedding I covered back in December right here in Toronto! Yes December weddings are a thing now! In fact I have been covering weddings in December for the past 3 years now Alhamdulilah! The bride wore two beautiful dresses for this wedding. One being a traditional Dirac (a traditional Somali outfit) in the colour green, and the other a stunning off white dress which she managed to find in record time just a few days before her wedding! Due to client privacy I can only share details from this wedding but I enjoyed covering the wedding and I wish the married couple a wonderful marriage ahead filled with blessings from Allah (S.W.T)!

Vendor Information:

Location: Brighton Convention Centre

Decor: Laila Decor

Bride's Henna: Umm-Kareem

Bride's Bouquet: Zuhoor Designs

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