Caryma's Portraits

It's not too often (maybe about 5 times in my life now lol) that I have come across another person on this earth with essentially the same name as myself (well if you ignore the spelling in this case lol), so you can imagine my joy when I saw an inquiry for a photo session by a Toronto lawyer named Caryma. What were the odds!

We had the photoshoot in the lovely neighbourhood of Kensington Market as this is where Caryma spends a lot of her time and it is quite close to her office. I personally just love Kensington Market as there are so many amazing backgrounds and features in this neighbourhood, that it really gives any portrait session a unique pop! 

To find out more about the work Caryma is doing/does, check out her firm [S]ADVOCACY for your legal needs!

If you would like to book me for your portraits then get in touch HERE!