Wedding Details from H and A's wedding

Salaam Everyone! So today's blog post features details from the wedding of a pair of doctors who came all the way from England to have their beautiful wedding in Toronto (where the bride is from)! Purple was the main colour here and everything was fab! From the gorgeous backdrop and canopy created by Dream Wedding Decor to the lovely floral centrepieces crafted by Zuhoor Designs (she also did the bride's bouquet). Guys trust me if you ever need a florist Zuhoor Designs is the way to go! Her creativity knows no boundaries when it comes to floral arrangements and If you haven't already checked out the blog post before this one to see the wonderful floral crown she created for a portrait shoot I did then please do so!

I cannot share the actual outdoor portraits of the bride and groom that we took due to client privacy but let me tell you it was a super cold and windy fall day so I have to give kudos to the bride and groom for sticking it out as long as possible during our outdoor wedding portrait session. Enjoy the blog post!


Florist: Zuhoor Designs

Decor: Dream Wedding Decor 

Wedding Venue: Scarborough Convention Centre

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