Nadhia and Tre's Post Wedding Shoot

I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing Nadhia and Tre's post-wedding shoot a couple of weeks back. I previously had the pleasure of capturing Nadhia's pre-wedding event (see my blog post on that here) and was super excited to do this shoot. Nadhia and Tre's actual wedding took place in Jamaica. How fun is that! So when they returned home they wanted to do a chilled out post wedding shoot which we ended up doing at Milliken Park on the northern edge of Scarborough. Funny story about this particular shoot is that I just had a tooth pulled that morning and was high on medication, but their shoot allowed me to forget the pain I was in for a brief moment, although it unfortunately all returned the next day :( . Anyway I have to say I really loved the outfits this couple chose to wear to their shoot! Especially those African print pants Nadhia was rocking!