Salma and Vivek's Nikkah at The Sayeda Khadija Centre

Hi Hi Hi! Karimah here, back and active on this blogging thing again! It is currently the middle of wedding season but if you can believe it I am so happy to share a number of blog posts in the upcoming month. This week am sharing a few images from Salma and Vivek’s Nikkah that happened back in late April. It took place at a mosque that has one of the most stunning interiors I have seen in the G.T.A.

The Sayeda Khadija Centre is located in Mississauga and really is one of those places where you feel like you just can’t take a bad photo. The blue hued tiles that don the walls are just so beautiful.

The Nikkah was a beautiful sight to witness and I really enjoyed the speech by the Imam.

After the Nikkah ceremony we got some family photos (okay a lot of family photos lol) and then headed to beautiful Kariya Park to take some portraits of the couple. Salma had mentioned prior to the event that she wanted to take some images with a smoke bomb and even though I had only ever shot with one once prior we went for it and I loved the end results.

I loved this couple as they were easy going and you could tell that they were just super in love as well. MashAllah may Allah (S.W.T) protect them always. Congratulations Salma and Vivek!

Mosque: Sayeda Khadija Centre

Portraits: Kariya Park

Bride’s Bouquet: Bride’s Sister

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Okay so this brings me to the end of my blog post! I am so glad to be finally blogging again and I look forward to sharing more photos from the weddings and events I have covered in the upcoming months.

Salaam for now!


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