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Beautiful Halima Jama!

Hey Beautiful people! Happy Friday! Welcome to another entry on my blog!  Today I am sharing images from a portrait session I did with a fellow photographer! I really could not wait to post this one!

Halima Jama is a well known wedding photographer in Toronto, Canada who has also worked nationally and Internationally! I was so delighted when she contacted me to take some images of her to celebrate her reaching the milestone of having over 25,000 followers on Instagram! How amazing is that! It is nice to see another Black, Muslimah and East African Canadian Photographer excel in her craft and she truly is an inspiration MashAllah.

It was freezing on this day and I can't for the life of me remember why I suggested Scarborough Bluffs as a location for the shoot fully knowing we would be by the lake and it would probably be windy and crazy cold! Which it most definitely was! Oh wait....... I remember now! It is because it is my absolute favourite place in the Greater Toronto Area! 

Bilqees of Zuhoor Designs who created the beautiful floral crown that Halima wore joined us for the shoot and I can't say enough great things about her! She made sure the crown stayed in place during the shoot and accompanied us on our crazy trek through the woods, trying to get to the other side of the bluffs including stepping over rocks to pass through a stream. Actually she almost ended up in the stream herself when she stepped on a patch of snow that was just hiding a hole close to the stream. Pretty dangerous stuff. 

I have to say however that even in the winter this location did not disappoint! I wish you could have seen the hues of the sky when we were by the water. It's too bad it was just too cold to stay by the water long enough to get some decent photos that would do it justice but alas check out the image of Halima jumping by the water in one of the shots below. Absolutely fantastic!

All in all even though it was crazy cold and I definitely started to feel like I was catching something when I got home (shoutout to Ginger tea though for rarely letting me down when it comes to zapping that just getting sick feeling hehe) I really enjoyed this portrait session and I am going to suggest that everyone wear a floral crown at least once in their lives! Then call me to take a photo of you wearing it! Go Ahead! You deserve it! :P

Enjoy the blog post!

Floral Crown designed and created by Zuhoor Designs

Halima's Hijab (Head Covering/ Scarf) is by

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And now for some Behind The Scenes Images.......

Here is Bilqees of Zuhoor Designs Fixing Halima's Floral Crown

I just love these two very talented ladies MashAllah!

Francesca and Joel's Wedding at the Scarborough Bluffs (Bluffers Park Marina and Restaurant)

Hi Everyone! Today I am so happy to be able to share this stunning wedding that I covered at the end of this past summer! This wedding took place at the Bluffers Park Marina and Restaurant situated in gorgeous Scarborough Bluffs (which by the way is my absolute favorite place in the G.T.A). There was so much love and pure joy at this intimate wedding (where a number of the guests had flown in all the way from the Caribbean) that it was such a delight to witness and have the privilege to be the wedding photographer for!

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Bia-SHE-ara: Alicia West of #JustAceIt!

Welcome to another installment of Bia-SHE-ara. Please note this is the blog version not the upcoming documentary/program a team of us are working on and of which I have some exciting news about! We got funding from ARTREACH to carry out the program! YAY! Alhamdulilah and MashAllah (this means Thank God). But that is a story for another time.

 So back to this Bia-SHE-ara post; I am featuring Alicia West of Just Ace it! I met Alicia at an event called Branded where I was a consultant in producing press kits. Alicia is also the one who introduced me to her friend and event designer, Brittany Lynn Martin whom I featured in my last blog post. This particular shoot took place at Underpass Park which I have to say is really a gem of a location! Alicia chose it as she is a huge basketball fan and loved the fact that they had basketball courts on the site.

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Alicia but most people call me "Ace". I am the host of Kiss My Ace and content creator from Toronto but I currently reside in New York. As a content creator I work mainly in the digital space creating graphics, images and videos for social media and my blog

What are your career aspirations?

My current career goals (they are always evolving) is to be a radio personality in a top 10 market. I love, love, love radio! I want to be able to bring my digital knowledge and help integrate this new medium with the traditional. I also want to grow my brand and have #justaceit the go to spot for lifestyle content pertaining to wellness, travel, food and empowerment. Through my brand I also hope to curate dope events and panels by collaborating with some of my favorite brands. 

What are some of the entreprenuerial activities you are involved in? 

I currently own and operate a digital platform called #justaceit that documents and shares experiences through fitness, travel and my favorite - food! We are on the pulse of the culture and continually providing information that will help you #justaceit in life.  We are devoted to creating a tangible movement that encourages like-minded people to live a healthy, adventurous, and very social life.

We like to say it’s not just a blog, it’s a lifestyle.

What inspires you?

Life! I love to travel. Going new places, seeing new people really helps with my creative juices. I also love to be around other like minded women. Recently I spent a month with 23 young women between the ages of 18-26 who are all trying to work in the entertainment fields. As much as they told me I inspired them, they really have helped spark something new within me. I really believe surrounding yourself with positive likeminded people and being well travelled are the keys to success! 

That brings me to the end of this blogpost! Please do make sure to check out the #Justaceit website (CLICK HERE) and stay inspired! If you would like to book me for a portrait session then please use the contact form on my website or CLICK HERE!


BiaSHEara is a group founded by Christina Muia and Karimah Gheddai that works on promoting women in Business.