Rania and Ekow's Engagement Shoot at Mint Room Studios!

Salut Everyone! It has been a while but this week I am happy to share images from this most stunning e-shoot that I got to do at a really lovely location back in January!

The week that I did this engagement shoot turned out to be one of the coldest weeks in Toronto's history, so even though we initally had plans to do this shoot outdoors, we were not about to freeze out in the frigid weather. My clients Rania and Ekow requested I suggest an indoor location and so I suggested the beautiful Mint Room Studios! I had heard about Mint Room Studios on a photography group on facebook and thought it might be cool to try out. I have to say I am already totally in love with this studio and you will know why once you see the photos!

We had the "Ballroom Studio" booked for this shoot (one of their 4 studios) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was so much natural light coming into the room though the large windows. I can now say that it has easily become one of my favourite studios ever!

It was a pleasure to work with these two for their e-shoot and I absolutely love how they coordinated amongst themselves with the African Print dress and accessories. Also the engagement ring Rania was rocking is my oh my just "out of the ordinary" stunning!  

Location: Mint Room Studios

Rania's Dress: Beni Boo Styles

Rania's headtie, Ekow's Bowtie and pocketsquare: All made by talented Rania herself!

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Okay so that bring me to the end of this blog post! If you are getting married soon and are looking for an engagement photographer then do get in touch!

Until next time, A bientot!


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Details from Newal and Ibrahim's Wedding

Today I have the utmost pleasure of sharing some of the detail images from one of my favourite weddings of this past summer. This one was special as it was the wedding of a cousin of mine and everything about it was spectacular. The couple are Eritrean Canadians and so there were many elements of Eritrean culture that were featured during the wedding. I will only be sharing details due to the privacy request by the couple.

This was a cousin from the Aberra side of my family woop woop! (had to give them a shout out). If you don't know, the Aberra brothers (one of which was my grandfather on my mother's side) were the original entrepreneurs out of Eritrea, they ran one of the largest bus lines in the city of Asmara back in the day, and though those days are long gone they are forever one of my entrepreneurial inspirations!

Anyway back to this wedding... it really all was amazing from the venue, to the outfits, to the opportunity to see so many of our relatives (Aberra family members) who turned up in large numbers from all over North America and the World!  Thank you to Newal and Ibrahim for having me as your photographer to capture your special day! Congratulations!

Vendors (Click on their names to visit their social media pages/websites):

Wedding Venue: Scarborough Convention Centre

Wedding Decor: Bliss Beginnings by Baneen Abidi

Melse Venue: Thorncliffe Banquet Hall

Melse Traditional Decor: Rami Decor

Bride's Make-Up: Neo's Beauty

Bride's Bouquet: Zuhoor Designs

Videographer: Naoma Khan

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The bride's bouquet for the wedding was stunning and was created by Zuhoor Designs. It was requested by the bride for it to look like one big rose. Apparently this is called a "Glamelia" in the world of floristry. Let me say that"Glamelia" was something! I had certainly never seen anything like it in all the weddings I have covered. 

The "Bride and Groom" Champagne Glasses were super cute. P.S Of course it was non-alcoholic champagne that got served

Each of the bridesmaids at the wedding wore one of the lovely headbands shown below 

Wooo check out that rock! I love the rectangular design! Oh and those shoes again my oh my!

I incorporated the "N" and "I" letter lights from their Nikkah Party (which I photographed earlier in the year) in this detail shot below.

The 5- tier cake was certainly one of the largest I have ever seen. I liked that it was simple but had those beautiful lace details and pops of red roses.

It was beautiful to see all the women dressed up in their colourful yellow Zurias serving the food. Each group of women wore a different colour of Zuria based on their affiliations with one another.

The dancing was off the hook and apart from the Habesha and Arabic songs I have to say I will forever link French Montana's song "Unforgettable" to this wedding as it was played a couple of times at the reception and Melse (how fitting as it was an unforgettable wedding)


A Melse is a traditional Eritrean/Ethiopian wedding event that happens on the second day of a wedding. The Melse at this wedding featured tons of cultural touches and lots and lots of dancing!

What a colourful backdrop! The decor specialist (Rami Decor) did some great work on this traditional decor setting

Injera is usually served on a platter for the bride and groom to share with their bridal party

Hambasha is a type of sweet bread that is served with traditional coffee after a meal.

Finally since it pretty much rained all day on the actual wedding day, we simply did not have the ability to do outdoor shots so we scheduled a post wedding bridal session and I have to say I absolutely loved the images like the one below. Remember brides this is always an option if you were not able to do portraits on your wedding day for one reason or another. Getting back in to your wedding dress on a less hectic day than your actual wedding day can result in a fun shoot!

Okay so I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Watch out for a number of blog posts coming up in the following weeks! Until next time...

À bientôt !


Beautiful Halima Jama!

Hey Beautiful people! Happy Friday! Welcome to another entry on my blog!  Today I am sharing images from a portrait session I did with a fellow photographer! I really could not wait to post this one!

Halima Jama is a well known wedding photographer in Toronto, Canada who has also worked nationally and Internationally! I was so delighted when she contacted me to take some images of her to celebrate her reaching the milestone of having over 25,000 followers on Instagram! How amazing is that! It is nice to see another Black, Muslimah and East African Canadian Photographer excel in her craft and she truly is an inspiration MashAllah.

It was freezing on this day and I can't for the life of me remember why I suggested Scarborough Bluffs as a location for the shoot fully knowing we would be by the lake and it would probably be windy and crazy cold! Which it most definitely was! Oh wait....... I remember now! It is because it is my absolute favourite place in the Greater Toronto Area! 

Bilqees of Zuhoor Designs who created the beautiful floral crown that Halima wore joined us for the shoot and I can't say enough great things about her! She made sure the crown stayed in place during the shoot and accompanied us on our crazy trek through the woods, trying to get to the other side of the bluffs including stepping over rocks to pass through a stream. Actually she almost ended up in the stream herself when she stepped on a patch of snow that was just hiding a hole close to the stream. Pretty dangerous stuff. 

I have to say however that even in the winter this location did not disappoint! I wish you could have seen the hues of the sky when we were by the water. It's too bad it was just too cold to stay by the water long enough to get some decent photos that would do it justice but alas check out the image of Halima jumping by the water in one of the shots below. Absolutely fantastic!

All in all even though it was crazy cold and I definitely started to feel like I was catching something when I got home (shoutout to Ginger tea though for rarely letting me down when it comes to zapping that just getting sick feeling hehe) I really enjoyed this portrait session and I am going to suggest that everyone wear a floral crown at least once in their lives! Then call me to take a photo of you wearing it! Go Ahead! You deserve it! :P

Enjoy the blog post!

Floral Crown designed and created by Zuhoor Designs

Halima's Hijab (Head Covering/ Scarf) is by

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And now for some Behind The Scenes Images.......

Here is Bilqees of Zuhoor Designs Fixing Halima's Floral Crown

I just love these two very talented ladies MashAllah!